WARNING: Stolen LLLL.com’s for sale on forums

This information has been reported by DomainGang previously, but I wanted to re-share this since I nearly purchased the stolen domains.

The following domain names were reportedly stolen from their rightful owner:


The email address “frapayp@mail.com” is associated with the theft.

As said above, this information has been circulated around blogs and forums – but I hadn’t seen it. I nearly purchased several of these domain names because of a PM I received at NamePros. The price was right, but the forum account had no feedback. After a quick Google search, I discovered these domain names were stolen.

The thief is trying to get rid of these domains at very low prices, so I ask that you share the news of this theft with your domainer friends.

Shout out to DomainGang for bringing this to my attention before I sent the money.

.TEL in the Costco magazine

Do you .TEL?

.tel domain names

I was a bit surprised when looking through the latest Costco magazine. In a letter to the editor, a man wrote about how a .tel domain name streamlined his networking process. Of course, it was just a letter to the editor, but the man went on to discuss selling his business, making a lot of money, etc. It seemed to be coming from someone who knew a thing or two about networking. It was interesting to me because I really haven’t heard anything about .tel in a few years.

I can see how a .tel domain name could be somewhat beneficial for giving someone all of your contact information, but today it’s so easy to send someone all of that information in a text or email. I wouldn’t pay a yearly fee to have this information online. But, that’s just me! What about you?

Do you own a .TEL?

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Using PayPal For Your Business

Using paypal for your business

Today my PayPal business debit card came in the mail. Today is also the day that I decided PayPal is a great solution for your business.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always used PayPal… Because I had to. It’s too convenient to not use.

The major drawbacks that I’ve seen in the past are chargebacks and the inability to quickly access funds.



These can still be an issue. However, to date, I haven’t had a bad experience with them. It’s a bit of a hassle to get on the phone and speak to a representative, but in both cases where I’ve fallen victim to a chargeback, I’ve gotten the help I needed.

Inability to access funds

With the PayPal debit card, this is no longer an issue. You can still withdraw funds to your bank account, but it takes 3-5 days for it to process. The PayPal debit card is instant and I can’t wait to give it a spin.


I’ve been researching different banks to use for my business but for now I will stick with PayPal. If you have any positive experiences with other banks, please let me know in the comments.


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