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I was a bit surprised when looking through the latest Costco magazine. In a letter to the editor, a man wrote about how a .tel domain name streamlined his networking process. Of course, it was just a letter to the editor, but the man went on to discuss selling his business, making a lot of money, etc. It seemed to be coming from someone who knew a thing or two about networking. It was interesting to me because I really haven’t heard anything about .tel in a few years.

I can see how a .tel domain name could be¬†somewhat¬†beneficial for giving someone all of your contact information, but today it’s so easy to send someone all of that information in a text or email. I wouldn’t pay a yearly fee to have this information online. But, that’s just me! What about you?

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There’s far more potential for .TEL than first meets the eye. I’ve tried to cover the main points here:


In addition to the above, how cool would it be if .TEL was incorporated into a peer-to-peer social network platform? Walled garden social networks are great so long as you’re not concerned about privacy, ownership rights, portability and, ah, ULTIMATE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DESTINY!

Btw, the $10.99/yr .TEL registration fee includes hosting. That’s about a buck per month or just a little more for what thousands of domainers spend for a .COM domain registration that will likely be dropped after a year.

With .TEL and a little brainstorming, there are plenty of innovative, cutting edge opportunities for the future. IMHO, it’s worth taking a serious look at.



I agree that it’s a pretty cool concept but I don’t see it as a worthwhile investment. Now, I’m not expert by any means, but that’s how I see it.

I can share all of that contact info here on my “contact page” if I so desire. It’s not as centralized as a .tel, but it gets the job done for me.

I really appreciate the input though. I also enjoyed the post linked above. Thanks!

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