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Today’s Domains at NameJet

Last night was the kick off for the incoming freshman at the new business “learning community” at Texas Tech. I’m jealous of them… They get to stay in the nicest dorms on campus and they are surrounded by other students who will be in the same classes as them. I enjoyed my freshman year but my dorm resembled a prison more than an apartment. I think the learning community is a great way for the new freshman to jumpstart their academic careers.

Today’s list is quite a bit better than the last few days, in my opinion.

WhiteMarlin.com – 27 bidders already, but that’s not too high for such a quality name. White Marlin fishing is pretty big (this guy won $1m for catching one) & “White Marlin” would make a nice brand name. Lots of options with this one.

CementTruck.com – Only 3 bidders on this one. I can’t think of a great use for this one besides the obvious cement truck website, but it’s a strong keyword domain name that gets about 8,000 searches every month. Here’s your sales pitch to a cement truck company: “Price: $10k. If you can sell 1-2 cement trucks because of this domain name it will pay for itself”. Let me know how that works for you :-)

Galton.com – Popular last name & several influential people had it. There are also a number of businesses using “Galton” as a part of their name.

Mitigated.com – Not the strongest word, but there are no bidders at time of writing. I can see this domain name being used by companies that mitigate various problems (DDOS, etc). Ex: “Visit mitigated.com to see how we helped Sony mitigate an attack on their network.”

SeniorMobility.com – I think this is a killer domain, though at the moment, a total of zero bidders agree with me. Senior Mobility is huge. I recently visited my grandfather in Arkansas and we met with a senior mobility consultant to talk about power chair options. The quality chairs start at $5k. It’s a huge business.

Drop Picks For Today

I missed the last couple of days due to moving back to Lubbock. School starts a week from Monday – I’m ready for another great semester at the Rawls. The names were pretty thin, too. There were several high profile auctions (one of which I won, thanks to Shane’s list – details coming once Escrow closes… Maybe :-) ). Today’s list is a little thin too. Like I said in my last post, I only highlight quality domain names that have flown under the radar – not the high profile ones.

Here’s the list:

Davino.com – NameJet – Relatively popular last name. Several businesses operate under the name “Davino”.

Mazara.com – NameJet – Area in Italy. Also the name of several businesses.

BahamaBeach.com – NameJet – Of course there are beaches in the Bahamas, but this makes a great brand name. Apparently there is a waterpark called “Bahama Beach” in Dallas… I live there and I’ve never heard of it. Regardless, keep that in mind when buying this domain.

SouthOil.com – NameJet – There is oil in the south and there are a few companies that use this name, or some variation of it.

CFOwork.com – NameJet – This domain doesn’t quite roll off of the tongue, but it gets ~3,000 searches per month. Executive recruiting is big business, so this domain may be worth it if the price stays low. Only 1 bidder at time of writing.

Today’s Drop Picks

Yesterday I posted my first drop list. The consensus was pretty evenly split: About half of voters thought the list was helpful and about half didn’t. Regardless, all of the domains I posted received additional bids within an hour of my post going out.

Just a quick note: When I post my drop picks, I’m not including the obviously great domains (LLL.com’s, good LLLL.com’s, NNNN.com’s, etc.). I’m not after affiliate commissions so I’m not going to point out the domains that are probably already on your radar. I hope to help readers find great domains that have few, if any, bids.

Today’s list is only 4 strong. There are several decent 4L.com’s, but see above.

ElectricalConstruction.com – NameJet – 18 years old. There are several companies that advertise themselves as “Electrical Construction” companies. There are also a few advertisers in Google. ~2,000 searches per month and no bidders at time of writing.

EagleHead.com – NameJet – 18 years old. Edit: Buy at your own risk. “Eagle Head” is a registered TM. Eagle Head is a strong brand name and there are about 20 brands out there proving it. One of them may want to upgrade.

Woodport.com – NameJet – 18 years old. Woodport is an unincorporated area in New Jersey but it’s also a strong brand name. Several brands currently proving it. No bidders at time of writing.

RemainHidden.com – NameJet. With all of the PRISM fall out, “remaining hidden” is a big deal. This domain is a bit of a gamble: I can’t see it selling to an end user for big bucks. However, it’s a great name for a proxy service. But be warned: The NSA will know if you buy it.

As many have said already, August is a slow month for expiring domains. I didn’t find anything at GoDaddy worth writing about and I only found 4 and NameJet. I’d rather give you 4 decent domains than 10 mediocre domains, though. Let me know what you think about today’s list below.

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